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The Catering and wedding planners are to reflect upon the changing culture of eating out among middle-class households in Bengaluru. While exploring the increasing differentiation of foodscapes in the city, this study examines the notion of food waste and other waste that is generated in the course of food preparation and consumption in public places. It relates the novel patterns of food consumption outside the home with the emerging patterns of family organization and changing food tastes. With more and more Bengalureans eating out as a way of life, as entertainment and as a means of escaping the pressures of running a kitchen in a dual/multiple-income family, food waste shifts from the home to restaurants. Using observations and interviews with consumers as well as with restaurateurs, S N Celebrations reflects on the implications of these processes in terms of waste generation and waste management.


S N CELEBRATIONS will look at the Best Quality of Food and Services, whatever the Market Conditions. By Monitoring the Cost and cost cutting wherever it is required.


Catering Professional with 15 years of experience seeking a position to leverage highly-developed communication, relationship building, and customer service skills. Possess a talent for prospecting and understanding clients needs to create unique and enjoyable dining experiences.

Area of Expertise

Have you heard this Quote – failing to plan is planning to fail.
Planning is critical to any caterer. S N Celebrations will take care of all kinds of checklists based on mindset, keeping separate checklists of Provision, Vegetables, Vessels, Crockery, Food Indents, Staffing etc.

S N Celebration is More Creative and more innovative authenticated Food Item and Presentations wise for attractive.
We Do have More Strength on Our Staff Which We had from the last 15 years we are Carrying them.
Then only we are meeting up the local area demands, their taste of food. 
Their Cultural food and all kinds of society groups like Vaishnava Tradition, Brahmana Style of food, Gowdas, Vaishyas, jain Communities etc S N Celebration will take care of food style from all said above Communities.

S N Celebration Name is New But we are here from last from 15 years so we Do the list of work
Complete Catering for Marriages, Any Kind of Event. Cultural programs, etc

Flower Decoration
Labour Contract for Marriages
Complete Event Organization. It includes Catering, decorations and Booking party Hall each Step whatever required as per the Events.

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